August 3, 2014


Professional Athletes and Marijuana – Do the Risks Outweight the Benefits?

Why do professional athletes risk so much for so little in the way of benefit? Wersquo;re talking about the use of marijuana amongst today’s pro athletes. It turns out that the benefits of smoking marijuana may not be as small as we thought.

According to reports, most pro athletes only consume marijuana in small doses. Minor doses can work to decrease irrationality, fear, tension, anxiety and depression. Further studies showed that cannabinoids could also work in a positive way for athlete who have suffered some kind of traumatic event during their career. Continue reading…

August 1, 2014


Reaching New Highs in College Athletics

marijuana far more than their athletic peers do.nbsp; There are, however, quite a large number of athletic students who do use the drug but for a variety of different reasons.

Marijuana could have a detrimental effect on the performance of any athlete, college student or not, due in part to possible ill health side effects so it has to be asked whys a student would want to use the drug in the first place. Continue reading…

September 15, 2014


There is No Conclusive Report on the Effects of Marijuana to Athletes

When it comes to marijuana use in sports, a lot of people might say that it should be avoided. In fact, the goal of sports is to keep people away from drugs. Thus, introducing drugs as a way to enhance one’s athletic performance is strictly against the law. In fact, we have seen athletes who have been stripped out of the title for testing positive in certain drug tests.

Though there are studies that tell about the negative effects of marijuana among athletes, nothing can be made conclusive. In fact, the effects of marijuana in the body can go away in just 3-4 hours. Thus, there should really be no fear that the drug could intoxicate someone for a long period of time. Though there are those who react negatively with weed consumption, there are those who feel the other way.

Interesting Effects of Marijuana to Athletes

If there are those who feel down and anxious after smoking marijuana, there are those who are energized. They become more focused on achieving their goals. They also feel more confident about themselves. Most of all, they will impeccable. As such, most martial artists may benefit from marijuana. Ju-jitsu practitioners from around the world have in fact been seen smoking marijuana during training.

Giving Marijuana a Chance

For now, weed is among the drugs banned from any sporting event. Athletes who have tested positive for weed could possibly risk banning from the competition. However, this policy is really unfair. The other drugs classified as illegal are way more risky. Therefore, for them to include marijuana on the same level, it is just unfair.

Again, until now, there is no conclusive report that marijuana can indeed impair one’s judgment during sporting competitions. Athletes should be given the prerogative to smoke weed in certain games. After all, it is not like we are forcing them to smoke weed. We just would like to give a chance to those who want to smoke to do it legally.

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September 11, 2014


Can Marijuana Positively Affect Athletic Performance?

When it comes to the use of marijuana in sports, there are a lot of questions about it. According to several researchers, it has been proven that marijuana intake may negatively impact the athlete. It can impair coordination. It may also increase blood pressure. It can even lead to heart attack especially if the nature of the sports is really physical. There are also studies that can prove how marijuana can affect the time needed for the athlete to learn a particular skill. This is the reason why it is illegal and athletes who have been tested positive from marijuana intake are not allowed to play.

Possible Positive Effects of Marijuana

Despite the overwhelming researches in regards to the negative effects of marijuana, there are those who believe otherwise. They think that marijuana can still be used in certain sports especially if its effects are needed. For instance, ju-jitsu is a sport that requires physical strength and stamina. There are those who have seen these athletes smoking pot during training. Obviously, they don’t do it to feel down or lazy. They do it because they need the strength that they can get out of smoking pot.

There are also those who believe that marijuana intake somehow creates paranoia. Therefore, if athletes take it, they will then have a little bit paranoid. As a result, they will focus on defending themselves so as not to be attacked by others. For sports that require physical protection from attackers, especially martial arts, this can be a great help.

Final Decision

For athletes who are unsure in regards to the effects of marijuana, it is safe not to smoke pot during the game or days before the actual game. However, for recreational purposes, it is still a good option. If there is no upcoming game or training, it won’t harm to smoke pot every once in a while. For those who want to get legal pot, they can check out medical marijuana in Spokane here for more details. Aside from athletes, those who suffer from certain illnesses will most likely benefit from smoking pot.

September 8, 2014


Will Random Drug Tests Ever Exclude Medical Marijuana?

Somewhere in the world right now, somebody is smoking marijuana. Contrary to popular belief, marijuana isn’t only used by certain types of people; it is used by people from all different walks of life, from professional business people to pro athletes.

Marijuana use in sports is nothing new. However, despite the fact that marijuana is now legal in many paces for medical use, it is still frowned on by the ruling sports bodies.  Of course, they don’t want to see their athletes seen to be smoking the stuff but changes in society and attitude are starting to have an effect on their rigid stance.

Time and Place

Take Winter Olympics athletes. They can smoke marijuana when they are not in competition. Just recently as well, the WADA – World Anti-Doping Agency – increased the level for positive marijuana testing by at least 10 times.  The NHL doesn’t have marijuana on its list of banned substances either, the only one that doesn’t.

It will take time for things to change across the board though.  Any athlete playing in the NFL, NBA or MLB are severely punished is their drug test comes back positive for marijuana – even if they hold a medical marijuana card.  The NHL will test for recreational drugs but purely for monitoring purposes.

Medical Use

Marijuana has already been proven as a great help in many medical conditions. It has been proven to work as a painkiller and an anti-inflammatory agent – two things that many pro athletes find themselves having to treat on a regular basis.

Perhaps in some sports, the NFL for example, players have a legitimate claim to needing medical marijuana. After all, they suffer with pain every day and the marijuana does help.  While team managers pass round the opioid painkillers, they are perhaps not considering what they are really doing.

Opioids come from the poppy – the plant that makes heroin, a substance that is far more dangerous and far more addictive than marijuana will ever be yet the ruling bodies are happy for their athletes to take these.

It will be many years before attitudes change enough to allow the use of medical marijuana in pro sports. In the meantime, out of season, players are free to get their prescriptions filled at this Portland dispensary – so long as they aren’t intending to step foot on the field!

August 10, 2014


The Potential Down Sides of Marijuana Use on Athletes

Though a lot of people fight for marijuana use, both medicinal and recreational, there are still very limited numbers of states that have passed the law on the use of marijuana. Though this is bad news for those who needed marijuana badly, the truth is that there are valid claims on why marijuana should not be allowed for open public use.

Among the negative effects that marijuana has is on athletes. As athletes, they have to follow certain health regimen and training. They need to make sure that they are prepared for their respective competitions. However, there are those who are take marijuana for recreation. If marijuana use becomes legal, then they could potentially abuse the substance and lead to certain problems. This article covers some of the negative effects of marijuana to athletes.

1. It impairs hand and eye coordination. In almost any sport, the use of both hands and eyes at the same time is extremely important. Therefore, if this is impaired, it could potentially lose the ability of the athlete to win the game.

2. Marijuana use also increases heart rate. For players who need to calm down, it could be extremely dangerous. Worse, the nature of some sports being extremely physical already increases the heart rate of athletes. With marijuana in their body, it could double to the point that they can no longer bear it.

3. It may reduce blood oxygen concentration. This is extremely dangerous. Athletes might have hard time breathing while playing. Of course, this will make them get tired fast. For physical activities that require lots of running, this could spell disaster.

4. Concentration may be impaired. Of course, this is very important in any game. Players need to be focused on the achievement of their goal. With marijuana use, this could be put on the line.

These are just a few reasons why athletes should not take marijuana. However, in the end, there are still lots of benefits people can get out of marijuana use. In fact, for states where marijuana is legal, it has been proven to be helpful to those who have illnesses. If you want to check out a place where marijuana distribution is possible, go to Portland Dispensary and visit here.

August 8, 2014


Performance Enhancement and Drug Abuse Among Newbie Athletes

Performance enhancing drugs appeal, especially to newbie athletes who want to make good in their chosen sport. That’s why teen athletes must be well guided about the warning signs and precautions of such a shortcut. Improving overall athletic performance can be achieved not by smoking pot or taking drugs but by working hard during trainings. It could help steer clear teens from drug use if they know exactly the risks they are exposing themselves to.

The Side Effects

Many performance-enhancing drugs impose severe, long lasting side effects that could hamper your teens’ athletic dreams big time. High blood pressure, liver ailments, blood clotting issues, kidney damage, acne, and mood swings are just some of them.

Each kind of drug presents a certain kind of side effect that will not only harm the body and their ability to perform well in their chosen sport for a long time but also their overall wellbeing. That’s a significant warning sign that should put your guards up as a responsible parent.

The best thing you can do is to get yourself involved in your teen’s life. Your guidance on what is ethical and what is not in sports could help your teen become enlightened on what to and what not to do. Be there, especially during rigorous trainings and even during games, to encourage your teen perform at his/her best. Your love and support must not falter whether he/she is winning or losing games. That matters a lot since it has been found that young athletes resort to drug use in order to meet expectations.

Let Them Enjoy Well While Young

The warning signs against performance enhancing drugs in teens should not get in the way of their idea of having fun. After all, they can get a significant high not by taking oxygen in a pill to boost their endurance but by smoking substances that are not necessarily bad for their health and athleticism. There are vapor accessorie equipped with natural aroma flavor delivery which provide a natural high. You can allow them to toy around with those without worrying, for as long as dangerous substances are not in the equation.

August 3, 2014


The Use and Abuse of Steroids

There is a level of drug use which is usually under the radar, and has been giving sports authorities a hard time. This is the use of performance enhancing drugs. In particular, the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids (more commonly called “anabolic steroids”) have been fairly rampant in sports which require brawn.

The use (and abuse) of anabolic steroids, started getting noticed during the 1970s with weightlifters and body builders. This later spilled over into other sports like wrestling, where it was used by both world-class amateur wrestlers and with American Pro wrestlers. Big league baseball players as well as football players, both college and professionals have also been known to use steroids. The idea is to big muscles, and get ahead of the competition.

For sports regulating bodies, steroid use was considered cheating. Of course, there were some organizations which banned the use earlier than others. For some of the sportsmen, they may have abused it so much that they sustained damage to their organs. The deaths of a few were later attributed to organ failure, mainly due to steroid abuse. However, the death or disability of known users did not dissuade other athletes from using steroids.

There is a culture to steroid use. Users seldom take other drugs, especially those which are considered illicit. In the same token, athletes who have been arrested for possession of illicit drugs, or have been into rehab for drug abuse did not use steroids. There is a mutual exclusivity between steroids and illegal drugs.

Steroids can harm the body in many ways. The muscles develop because of the testosterone or synthetic testosterone-like chemicals in the steroid. This develops the muscle faster than through regular weights training. However, the side effects of excessive use include liver damage, and heart problems. Abusers have been known to go into fits of rage. Another side effect is the shrinkage of the testicles and the penis. Testosterone production is related to the male organs, and with an excess of testosterone in the body the organs which produce it are no longer needed, and in turn shrink.

Anabolic steroids are illegal for use and are prescribed only for specific cases, including anemia and for men who have low testosterone levels. In similar manner, marijuana is a controlled substance. There are some states which have decriminalized marijuana and allows it for medicinal use. It has recognized pain-relieving properties, and tests are ongoing to confirm its anti-cancer properties.

The use of steroids by athletes or even by casual body builders is not going to fade anytime soon.

The need to develop the body, beyond what is normal, is so ingrained in bodybuilders, weight-lifters, and athletes in sports where bigger muscles mean a bigger advantage. It is also sad that the 1990s baseball records have been tainted by the use of anabolic steroids. It was frowned upon at the time, but it was not considered illegal by the major league governing bodies. Years from now, when you see a heavily-muscled guy in a road rage, you can be sure that part of the problem is his abuse of steroids. Steroids, as they are have a legitimate medical purpose. Unfortunately, it is easy to use it for purposes other than for medicine.

December 13, 2013


Three Unique Patient Problems You’ll Often See as a Nurse

1113inc21As a nurse working in the medical field, you will often find yourself exposed to different situations which you may consider new. Instead of taking this as an impossible scenario, a good nurse will often take delight in encountering these situations and eventually learning from it. The following highlights three unique patient problems, mostly related to vein issues, that you will often see as a nurse.
1. Venous Ulcers

A venous ulcer is a type of damage, as well as loss of skin just above the ankle. This is often due to a problem with the leg veins. They are quite common, but they may be difficult to cure, and often reoccur at a later time. The cause of this issue often leads us back to the role of veins in our body. They are the ones carrying blood back to our heart, and there, the blood is pumped to the arteries. The veins in our legs are composed of flexible valves which ensure that our blood flows back into our heart, especially when we are walking or standing. Venous ulcers happen when blood pressure increases in the veins. Throughout the years, ulcers may develop.

2. Antiphospholipid Syndrome

This type of vein syndrome is often called as Hughes’ syndrome. It is a type of disease which usually affects blood, making it clot more likely than normal. As a result, blood clots form within the blood vessels. When unattended, this might lead to serious illness, and at times, death. Since this syndrome is not common, it is often under diagnosed, or under recognised. Pregnant women are the most prone to APS. Therefore, it is important to ask for help. A notable vein doctor Charlotte has available will advice that if you are pregnant and suspecting that you have APS. At the same time, if you are not sure, you can also ask for professional help in identifying your condition.

3. Venous Thrombosis

Blood clot in the vein may lead to other diseases which can be dangerous. According to a certain study, venous thrombosis, when undetected and ignored, may cause more problems later on. While thrombosis can appear in other forms, such as arterial thrombosis, and thromboses in the placenta, venous thrombosis proves to be the most common one. In order to detect and cure this problem at an early stage, you might want to consider visiting a professional. For the best vein treatment Miami offers, schedule a consultation to hear a professional opinion. This will make sure that you do not only avoid problems in the future, but it will also maintain the overall health of your veins.

The abovementioned situations are rare. Keep in mind that not all nurses may have the privilege of encountering these situations. Thus, you are in a good position. Learning about how to deal with these types of problems will not only increase your understanding on the issues involved, but it will also improve your self-worth. Time will come that your knowledge will be put to better use. When that time comes, you will no longer have to look back and tremble with uneasiness, not knowing what to do.

December 5, 2013


4 Tactics Every Nurse Should Use for Patients with Drug Problems

drugabuse_thumb.jpgHandling a patient with drug problems and substance abuse, is not an easy task. These kinds of patients require special care in order to recover and you are a big part of this process. In order to handle the patient effectively, it’s best to apply these approaches below.

Ask questions gently

In order to understand the nature and the extend of the disorder, it’s best to ask a few questions that may hint that there is a problem. For example, you can ask questions like:

· “Have you ever felt that your drug problems have gone out of control?”

· “Do you remember doing something bizarre as a result of drug abuse”?

· “What are the symptoms after abusing drugs”

The questions should be asked in a direct, calm and empathetic manner otherwise the patient may feel intimated and tell lies or give you one word answers. New questions may arise in the process which can give you even more details in order to assess the patient’s problem better.

Encourage awareness of the problem

Irrespective of the cause of the problems, the first step towards recovery is the patient being aware of his problem and that he/she needs treatment. If the patient is not fully aware of his problem or builds resistance, you should calmly explain the reasons to undergo treatment and that it is for his/her benefit. This is of course not your own responsibility but you should work as part of the team to gain patient’s trust and help him start the treatment process

Understand common drug abuse symptoms

Treating a patient with drug abuse problems is very complicated task and you need patience because drug abuse has a multitude of symptoms. Patients with drug problems suffer from mental, bodily and social problems and their ability to react normally is greatly reduced. For example many of these patients suffer from insomnia, headaches, hallucinations, various body pains, memory loss, mood swings and many other symptoms often co-existing with each other. The patient may complain for minor issues or threaten to commit suicide in extreme cases but with a little experience you will be able to identify when the patient needs immediate help or not.

Connect with their family and friends

The role of the patient’s siblings is extremely vital to help the patient recognize his issues and support him/her towards recovery.Many often, family members and friends may fear social stigma and refuse to acknowledge the problem, or simply be clueless about their approach. Explain to them the truth of the matter in an empathetic manner, and give general guidelines on how to handle their loved one, when there is no medical staff around.

These are some general approaches to have in mind but when in doubt, you can always ask the doctor or the counselor to guide you in a specific problem that may arise during the process.

If you are reading this and are a patient yourself, or a patient’s friend or family member, take a look at more of the drug addiction treatment Orange County offers and contact a member of their medical staff to get a proper diagnosis and discuss the treatment options.

November 26, 2013



renalKidneys play an important role as they are the waste disposal system of the body. Blood picks up the garbage from the cells and carries them through the complex network of highways in the circulatory system we know as the veins. All this blood eventually passes through the filters in the kidney and comes out cleaned up, and the waste products and excess water that have been filtered out are then channeled into the urinary bladder and expelled as urine.

Renal failure simply means that the kidneys have stopped working. Urine is not being generated, and so all that excess water gets stuck in the body. They have stopped cleaning and filtering the blood. And filthy blood is no good. Blood that is full of garbage will make the cells filthy too. And this is why renal failure is a very serious condition – so serious that it could lead to death.

Symptoms of kidney failure include, well, lack of urine, obviously, as well as bloatedness and swelling, lack of appetite, and nausea.

The body can not survive without the clean up that kidneys provide. So if the kidneys can’t do it, it is imperative that something else to the work, a sub if you will. And this is what dialysis provides. A big machine that does the work of a teeny tiny organ in filtering the blood of its waste and impurities. And since dialysis is to become part and parcel of the life of one with renal failure, the procedure can be made easier and more efficient with a dialysis access, a vascular gizmo that is installed in one of the main veins which allows the patient to get hooked up to the machine quicker and easier.

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November 26, 2013



saveIt probably is time for women to fixate less on the size of their boobs, and whether they need breast augmentation or not, and focus more on keeping their boobs healthy and cancer free. Yes, a beautiful boob job done by a skilled surgeon is bound to boost a girl’s self-esteem some, but health and life trumps that every time.

So girls, listen up, and don’t be like the guidas in that South Jersey Shore reality show.

Eat healthy. Read the labels. Shun the ones that have way too many ingredients with way too many syllables. Go for fresh and organic rather than canned or processed. It also would be great if you knew what farm or plantation your food came from.

Go for natural beauty. No, we’re not asking you to give up your makeup and your extra-moisturizing body wash, just encouraging you to choose your products wisely. As with food, pay attention the ingredients that make up your grooming and beauty products. Read the labels and avoid the products that contain phthalates, parabens, triclosan, and synthetic fragrances, because these wreak havoc on your hormones, and screwy hormones tend to result in cancer. As with food, stay away from ingredients with long chemical-sounding names.

Quit smoking. You know that smoking kills, so stop. Don’t just do it for your boobies. Do it for your lungs and the lungs of those around you. Do it for the environment.

And in case your prevention efforts don’t work, make sure that if you do get cancer, it gets detected early, as this exponentially increases your chances of survival. Get your breasts examined regularly. Get your baseline mammogram readings, and get a mammogram every year after that. Your OB-GYN may also recommend breast ultrasounds and such. You may also get tested for the breast cancer gene. These tests could ultimately save your life and make you happier than any breast augmentation.